Jun 29, 2010

Wyatt Potts

Surfindian hires longboard specialist to help out in the shop. Wyatt has been working at the Donald Takayama shop for three years and has come on board with us here and we are stoked. Wyatt is 23 and been shredding the gnar for about 13 years. come bombard him with questions and high fives.

10'4" ghost by paul strauch

Jun 26, 2010


I mentioned about our dear friend, Emi before on this blog.
Fox5 San Diego featured her story. Please check it out.
Fox5 San Diego Emi Koch

Jun 25, 2010

Kai and his 11ft Frye Simmons

dj jasmine and the orange takayama

9'3" Donald Takayama, "in the pink"

board of the day 6.24.10

5'10" Pendoflex, shaped by Steve Pendarvis

Jun 24, 2010

Slide Magazine #16

New issue of Slide Magazine is here!
Slide #16

Jun 20, 2010

Summer Day

Finally, we have sunny day today!
Feels like summer's here...


We have been creating Surfindian original products in some ways since last year.
We now have t-shirts, hats, stickers, and also surf leashes with our original tipi logo!!

Jun 19, 2010

Yusuke Hanai

We just got some cool new art in the store.
Yusuke Hanai from Japan is having an art show with us in this fall.
We have some of his staff in the store now.
Please come to check them out.

Jun 12, 2010

New Show Scheduled!

Just letting you know that we are going to have a new show staring on July 9th with Clark Little.
As many of you know, Clark is a famous Shorebreak photographer from Hawaii.
He will be here for the opening night on July 9th, Friday.
This is the good oppotunity for you to see his amazing photos!!

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