Feb 28, 2011

Another Fun Reception Party

Thank you all for coming to our new show opening.
It was cold and rainy but we had a hot hot reception night!

Feb 15, 2011

harry holiday art show

Feb 14, 2011

mowgli swang in

the monkey man has brought his tees in today..."supa sweeeeettttt"""""""?{PI_)(*YT*%$@#*^

Feb 12, 2011

fins in

new fins in from nine plus ...check em


grab a book, a seat in the gallery and admire works from susan wickstrand and many others...now i know its really sunny out there and the beach is calling....so after the sunset stroll in with your lover and become inspired

Feb 9, 2011


chicken=business and business=chicken

wellen stocks the indian with fresh produce

check out more on the website, art work by ty williams and other great artists


the nose and tail of this 9'8 cooperfish are thin like lizzy and rock like the boys are back in town

Feb 8, 2011

big blast

dance party yourself

Meegan Feori

these great acrylic paintings have colorful vibrancy and are 3' x 4'

Josh Oldenburg

We are stoked to welcome Josh Oldenburg to our board roster here at the Indian....
Josh makes a great board with all the trimmings and young minded classic shred appeal

Feb 3, 2011

New At Surfindian!!!

Josh Oldenburg Surfboards,

Check out some of Josh's new designs for 2011!

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