Jan 21, 2011

walker art museum with yves klein

taking photos in art museums is strickly prohibited

Jan 18, 2011

skinny dog jewlery

Scott and his wife have been creating some unreal jewlery...
making rings for black beard in pirates of the carribean 4 and for many tv shows and movies as well as all the jewlery in Disney World. These are just a few shots of the great collection of rockin pieces we have the privelege of showcasing in surfindian. Check out our website under other products to view more, I will be adding more pieces soon

9'8 tyler wing nose

Jan 17, 2011

waves are being made under the sea

the jellyfish and underwater wave techs are making lettuce in the greenhouse and waves in the sea

Jan 13, 2011


new fins from rainbow fin co in santa cruz and a signature line of fins from donovan frankenreiter

susan wickstrand

susan's art is colorful and made of collage with layers of wax and flowers...incorporating her designs into note cards and calendars and beautiful prints....stop by the gallery and see

mino suzuki

shaped out of newport beach area with unique and classic feel ....
mino has been underground and acclaimed since before 1984...

Jan 12, 2011

surfing tudor

cardiff tudorial on surfing

skip'n the waves

masa, skip and mirta

boot n crew travel broke and frothing

hope your stayin groovy

Jan 6, 2011

skil 100 planer mint

mint condition planer from the 70's still has all components and manual...what a find

9'7" hydrodynamic planing

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