Dec 30, 2010


last night at casbah...
ring around the dance floor
nobody can save them
at the bottom of
old cold
till they rise
from the cold bottom
of the old cold

dark blue

Dec 29, 2010

dummies and mannequins

wy wy bumps down AA

bummer that their downtown store is closing...but everything is cheap and on sale

Dec 28, 2010

where did they come from?

I don't know but I sure like it...

Dec 24, 2010

allen's new pendo

beautiful gloss and acid wash quad or tri capable, a rare custom from was a crhistmas treat for allen to stop by and show it off, allen also got another one he will show....pendo makes such a dreamy board

wire art in rat tail

san clemente surfing heritage museum

all must go and pay homage....

los californios

the californians

Dec 23, 2010

hydrodynamicas in time for chrisy

a 5'10 fourke and a 5"8 simster were dropped off this morning by some elfs....

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